Cultural Sensitivity Resources

Presentations and Other Materials (by Region)



Arab Countries:  Presentation by Motasem Abu-Ghazaleh and Nabil Salame (2019)
China:  "Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands?" Presentation by Lisa Jorgenson and Patrick Coyne (2016-01 AIPLA MWI)
Israel:  Presentation by Fred Rein (2019-10 AIPLA Annual Meeting)

Australia and South Pacific

France, Germany, Italy and UK:  Trip Book by Enrica Bruno and Kathleen Lemieux (2018)

North America

South America

Multi-Region Presentations and Materials
Europe, Japan, China, Israel:  Codes of Conduct for Patent Attorneys Presentation by Aki Ryuka, Christopher Shaowei, Eric-Michael Dokter, Joel Beider and Penny Prater (2019-10 AIPLA Annual Meeting)
China, Japan, Korea, Europe and Russia:  Presentation by Shengtao Hu, Shoichiro Kajinami, Kevin Kunzendorf and Slobodan Petosevic, (2019-05 AIPLA Spring Meeting)

Supporting Materials
Cultural Sensitivity Presentations Template (2017)