AIPLA Forms Project Contribution Agreement

For the avoidance of doubt, Content includes all agreements, annotations, and related work product submitted by or authorized to be submitted by me to the Project, including all Content submitted to the Project by me or on my behalf prior to the date of my acceptance of this Agreement.  I acknowledge that I will not be compensated for any submitted Content.  All rights not specifically granted to AIPLA, however, are reserved to me.
By agreeing to submit Content, I represent that the Content is original with me or that I have the right to submit such Content to the Project in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.    If the content is not original with me but I have the right to contribute the Content in accordance with this Agreement, I will notify the Project leaders of any required third party permissions or notices (“Third Party Notices”).  I further represent, that I have not removed any Third Party Notices from any Content I submitted.  I further represent that my submitted Content does not infringe the rights of others.  My representations and grant of rights, as set out in this Agreement, will benefit AIPLA, its successors, assigns, licensees, and contractors.