How Owners of Stolen Pets Face Mental Health Issues

By Susan McGuire posted 07-28-2021 10:20 PM


Over the years, pets have become attuned to people’s lives and emotions. Pets such as cats and dogs can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, encourage playfulness and exercise and ease loneliness. 

They can offer valuable companionship and unconditional love to people’s lives. Losing a pet through theft can be a great concern because you may not continue enjoying the benefits of living with them. There are several ways through which you can face mental health issues.


After the pet has been stolen, your house may feel empty, whether there are other pets around or not. You may even call the stolen pet's name out of a habit. You may miss the moments of snuggling up in the living room or going to bed together in the evenings.

One of the best things to do after the theft of a pet is to call the police immediately for report filing. The theft record will simplify the process of retrieving the pet in case you hear about them in the neighborhood. More importantly, you can seek professional services to facilitate the recovery claim of your stolen pet. 

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Confessing that you will miss your pet after losing it may not prevent you from becoming sad. Your heart may be under much pressure and it can be difficult to accept the reality of the loss. Every piece of evidence, such as a stray feather or hair, might remind you of the stolen pet, and worse still, people may keep asking more about the pet.

The queries about the pet from friends, neighbors, and family may stir up sadness, especially after informing them that the pet was stolen. If you have taken more initiatives to search for it from the neighborhood to no avail, this may also trigger more sadness.


The theft of a pet may cause a feeling of worry or restlessness, panic attacks, and trouble in sleeping or concentration. This will be as a result of anger or guilt. Perhaps you could have done something to protect your pet against theft.

The loss of a pet through theft can trigger lots of thoughts regarding the future. You may begin to get worried about losing other pets and start pre-empting potential circumstances similar to those under which the pet was stolen.

There could also be the possibility of picturing the future without any pet or decide never to own others. Since anxiety is an emotion connected to the future, it can prepare you for an eventuality that has not occurred. 


Anger is often viewed as a destructive and bad emotion that needs to be managed in all circumstances. It may be thought of as an uncontrolled emotion rather than a healthy and normal one that people can rightfully express.

The anger associated with the theft of a pet is a difficult emotion to handle because you may tend to blame yourself for what happened. The extent of anger may depend on the circumstances that led to the pet theft.

 In every circumstance, there could be different conflicting emotions and it becomes difficult when the inaction or action of somebody led to the loss. You may want to comfort the person responsible for the loss or express anger towards them.