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This page contains links and resources concerning ethical issues facing IP practitioners and is maintained by the Mercer Law School Technology & Intellectual Property Section. 

If a link is broken or you know of material we do not have posted, email us.

American Bar Association  

ABA Model Rules

Discussion of on-going revisions to the Model Rules.

Summaries of ABA Ethics Opinions

General Ethics Resources

PTO Code of Professional Responsibility

Prior versions of 37 C.F.R.


Alabama Rules

Alabama Ethics Opinions


Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct

Alaska Ethics Opinions


Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct

Arizona Ethics Opinions


Various Arkansas Rules Governing Lawyers


California Ethics Home Page

California Rules of Professional Conduct

Statutes Related to Attorney Conduct

California Ethics Opinions

Los Angeles County Bar Association Ethics Opinions

California Ethics Hotliner

California Substantive Law Supersite


Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct

Colorado Ethics Opinions

Charles F. Luce on Ethics


Connecticut Rules

Connecticut Ethics Opinions(Requires Login)


Delaware Ethics Opinions

District of Columbia

D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct

D.C. Ethics Opinions


Florida Rules

Florida Ethics Opinions

Florida Center for Professionalism

Florida Ethics Newsletter

And Still Other Florida Links


Georgia Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Georgia State Disciplinary Board Advisory Opinions

Supreme Court of Georgia Advisory Opinions

Mercer University School of Law Center for Legal Ethics & Professionalism (has links to all Georgia ethics sites, and numerous articles and other resources).


Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct

Hawaii Disciplinary counsel Opinions

Hawaii Professionalism Code for Lawyers


Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct

Idaho Civility Guidelines


Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct

Illinois State Bar Ethics Opinions (searchable by members only)


Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct


Iowa Standards of Professional Conduct

Recent Amendments and New Court Rules

Iowa Ethics Opinions(available only to members)

Iowa Bar Association


Kansas Model Rules


Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct

Kentucky Ethics Opinions

Kentucky Code of Professional Courtesy


Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct

Louisiana Ethics Opinion Advisory Service

Louisiana Code of Professionalism

Louisiana Rules for Lawyer Discplinary Enforcement (pdf file).


Maine Code of Professional Responsibility

Maine Ethics Opinions


Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct


Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct

Massachusetts Ethics Opinions

United States District Court for Massachusetts

Massachusetts Supreme Court Opinions

Massachusetts Appellate Court Opinions

Massachusetts Bar Association

Massachusetts State Laws

Massachusetts Laws & Regulations



Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct

Michigan Ethics Opinions

A Page of Michigan Ethics Links


Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct

Minnesota Ethics Opinions

Minnesota Bar Admission Rules

Minnesota Code of Judicial Conduct

Minnesota Disciplinary Proceeding Rule 9

Minnesota Statutes

Minnesota Agency Rules and Regulations


Minnesota Law Schools


Mississippi Rules of Professional Conduct

Mississippi Ethics Opinions


Missouri Ethics Opinions


Montana Rules of Professional Conduct and Related Links

Montana Ethics Opinions


Nebraska Rules

Nebraska Ethics Opinions


Nevada's rules (scroll down to Rule 150)

Nevada Ethics Opinions

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Ethics Opinions

New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct

New Jersey

New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct

New Jersey Ethics Opinions

New Mexico

New Mexico Ethics Opinions

New York

New York Code of Professional Responsibility (pdf file on left side)

New York MDP Rules

New York State Ethics Opinions

New York City Bar Association Ethics Opinions [Click "Reports/Publications"]

New York Code of Judicial Conduct

North Carolina

North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct

North Carolina Ethics Opinions

North Dakota

North Dakota Rules

North Dakota Ethics Opinions


Ohio Code of Professional Responsibility

Ohio Ethics Opinions from the Ohio Supreme Court

Cincinatti Bar Association Ethics Opinions (Requires Login)

Committee on Professionalism codes and related matters.


Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct

Oklahoma Ethics Opinions


Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct

Oregon Ethics Opinions


Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct

Pennsylvania Bar Association Ethics Opinions(Requires Login)

Philadelphia Bar Association Ethics Opinions

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Rules

Rhode Island Ethics Opinions

South Carolina

South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct

South Carolina Ethics Opinions

South Dakota

Site Under Construction


Tennessee Rules

Tennessee Ethics Opinions


Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct

State Bar of Texas Advertising Review Committee's Interpretive Comments on Lawyer Advertising, which contains important comments on complying with web ads.

Texas Ethics Opinions Organized by Subject

Texas Code of Judicial Conduct

Texas Opinions on the Code of Judicial Conduct

Texas Code of Judicial Conduct & Judicial Ethics Opinions

Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism

Walter Steele, Jr.'s Home Page (SMU Law Professor)

Texas Lawyers' Insurance Exchange Newsletters

Please note that the following links are to repealed versions of Texas ethics rules (they can still be relevant to Texas lawyers):

Texas Code of Professional Conduct

Ethical Considerations to the Texas Code of Professional Conduct

Texas Canons of Professional Ethics


Utah Rules of Professional Conduct

Utah Ethics Opinions


Vermont Rules of Professional Conduct

Vermont Ethics Opinions


Virginia Disciplinary Rules (pdf file).

Virginia Bar Ethics Opinions

Mcguire, Woods offers summaries of Virginia legal ethics opinions.

Virginia Advertising Opinions

James McCauley's Home Page, which includes this material:

Virginia's Unauthorized Practice Rules

Various Articles

A Link On Virginia's MDP Commission.


Washington Rules of Professional Conduct

Washington Formal Published Ethics Opinions

Washington Primer for Government Lawyer Ethics

Washington article on conflicts of interest

West Virginia

West Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct

West Virginia Legal Ethics Opinions


Wisconsin Rules, part A. And, here is the second part, beginning with Rule 2.1.

Wisconsin Ethics Opinions


Wyoming Court Rules