Outreach Activities

Summary of Events for the 2016 and 2017.

November-December 2017 for all locations
The 2017 AIPLA Women in IP Cares Community Service Event is to be held for the second time in November and December for all locations.  The event includes a meeting of women located around the globe who practice IP law and/or regularly face IP issues in the ordinary course of business.  In this regard, numerous sub-events will be concurrently held in various geographic locations by law firms, corporations, and/or universities.  These events involve voluntary work by AIPLA members, families and friends to help those in need.

For the list of all cities and hosts, including their contact information, please Click Here

Interested in Attending?

  • Make sure your AIPLA contact information is current.  Women in IP committee members will receive invitations from respective hosts in the fall of 2016.
  • More importantly, remember to RSVP!!!

Interested in hosting or co-hosting?  

We are honored to partner with law firms, corporations, and/or universities for community service events.   Many women are joining forces across the country to lend a helping hand this Winter.  Hosting your own service event is a great way to help others and build relationships at your business organization and in your local community.  Contact the co-chairs identified below for more information! 


Carol Thorstad-Forsyth
Fox Rothschild LLP
Phone: 1 (561) 804.4438
Email: cforsyth@foxrothschild.com    


Judy Yee
Microsoft Corporation
Washington, US

Email: judyyee@microsoft.com    

Ellen Smith 
Sughrue Mion, PLLC
Washington, D.C.
Phone: 202-663-7482
Email: esmith@sughrue.com


Women in IP Global Networking Event


Date: April 4th, 2019

The AIPLA Women in IP Networking Global Event is being held for the twelfth year on April 4th 2019 for all locations.  The event is a meeting of women located around the globe who practice IP law and/or regularly face IP issues in the ordinary course of business.  In this regard, numerous sub-events are concurrently held in various geographic locations by law firms, corporations, and universities.  These events may include seated dinners, cocktail parties, passed hors d'hoeuvres, talks on topics of interests or other types of gathering.

During the event, select groups of the individual locations (e.g., European locations, U.S. locations and the like) are joined together via a teleconference.  At this time, a roll call of the participating cities is performed. 

List of all the cities and hosts, including their contact information coming soon. 

For further details about our hosts and their events, please check our LinkedIn group and Facebook page.

Interested in Attending?

  • Make sure your AIPLA contact information is current. Female members of the AIPLA should receive invitations from their hosts in the Spring of 2017.
  • Contact the hosts for your city in the list described above.
  • Most importantly, remember to RSVP!!!

Interested in hosting or co-hosting?

  • Contact the co-chairs identified below.

Video of a couple events:

Want to learn more about our past Events?



Lucy Samuels
Gill Jennings & Every, LLP
London, UK
Phone: +44 (0)20 7655 8500

Email: lucy.samuels@gje.com

Elaine Spector
Harrity & Harrity
Fairfax, VA
Phone: 703-259-1056
Email:  espector@harrityllp.com
European Liaisons
Yelena Morozova                                                   
Finnegan Europe LLP                                 
London, UK                                                          
Phone: +44 (0)20 7864 2800                                   
Email: yelena.morozova@finnegan.com                          

Sarah Brearley

Mewburn Ellis LLP 

+44 (0) 161.247.7722



Asian Liaison  

Cindy Quan
Longan Law Firm
Beijing, China
Phone: 86.13331171971
Email: quanxz@longanlaw.com


US Liason



Camille Ciesliga

Ciesliga IP Law PLLC

Chevy Chase, MD

(202) 604-5937




Delegation Events


The 2016/2017 Delegation Events provide AIPLA members with unique opportunities during AIPLA’s  IP Practice Committees’ yearly international trips to meet and network with women practicing IP abroad.  These Delegation Events 
are being held in: Israel;  London, United Kingdom; Paris, France; Munich, Germany; Milan, Italy; and Japan.

 Click HERE to view a blog written by Andrea Brewster, past CIPA President, after our London Diversity Breakfast.


Stated Meeting Breakfast Events

global_networking_8.jpg global_networking_9.jpg global_networking_10.jpg


Annual Breakfast

Title: Exploring Career Resilience

Summary:  Are you equipped with the right tools to survive and thrive in your chosen career?  Explore what career resilience is and how to strengthen yours by considering 'fitness' in three areas: job fitness, personal fitness, and career fitness.  The first helps you to focus on the things that count, the second to deal with the trials and tribulations that life may spring upon us, and the third to be mindful of what we should spend more time on to aid our career in the longer term.  You will be invited to think about what’s contributed to your success so far, what you’re motivated by and how you can build greater resilience and ensure you have the right mindset and support in place to enable your future career and life success.

Presenter:  Sascha Proudlove, Executive Coach at Executive Coaching Consultancy 


Bio:  (https://executive-coaching.

A former financial services professional, Sascha helps her clients create meaningful change in their lives, careers, and organizations.  With over 16 years of experience as an executive, she understands the extraordinary challenge of navigating a successful career in today’s increasingly “VUCA” (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) global climate.

Sascha began her career in New York at Marsh Inc. After completing her MBA at Columbia Business School in 2003, Sascha moved to London and worked at The Blackstone Group for eight years.  She returned to the New York area in 2011 having graduated from the Meyler Campbell Business Coach Programme.  As a part of the Executive Coaching Consultancy (https://executive-coaching.
co.uk), Sascha specializes in an area she is passionate about, supporting organizations to develop and retain their female talent.  

Sascha currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and two young children.