How to win your dog bite injury claim

By Susan McGuire posted 12-21-2020 04:37 PM


Get the compensation you deserve by building a strong personal injury claim. Here is how you can prove your dog bite injuries are from someone else’s fault. 

Aggressive dogs kill hundreds of people annually and hurt over 800,000 of others who need medical treatment for their injuries. You deserve compensation for the stress and pain you experience as a result of a severe dog bite. But to win the claim, you need to build a strong case that includes information about the attack. This article provides you with all the information you need to win the claim against the dog’s owner. 

What should you do after a dog attack?

Immediately after the accident, your safety is vital, and you should consider nothing else. Try to get as away as possible from the dog even if it may seem calm. When you’re in a safe place, and the dog contained, assess your injuries and call the emergency services to get medical help. What you say and do after the attack affects your injury claim, so it’s best to say as little as possible. Never say something like “I shouldn’t have been running in this area”, or “I must have startled it when I passed by”. The insurance provider won’t hesitate to blame you if the dog owner states that you declared you provoked the dog. 

Filing the dog bite claim against the insurance company is similar to filing it for a car accident, and it’s best to hire Jason Stone injury lawyers Boston to assist you. 

What should you do at the scene of the attack?

Call 911 and tell the dispatcher a dog bit you and you need medical assistance. Don’t forget to mention if the pet is still loose because the authorities may decide it’s also the case to dispatch the police and animal control. Call the police to assess the scene because you need a police report to negotiate your insurance claim. 

If the paramedics decide your injuries aren’t severe enough to take you directly to the hospital, seek medical attention from your primary care doctor. Most states require medical experts to report dog bites. 

Report the accident to your local animal control department because their investigators will contact the owner and check if the dog has current rabies vaccinations or other health issues that may impact your health state. 

If you can identify the owner, ask them for their contact details (name, address, contact information and name of the insurance provider). Take photos of the place and your injuries immediately after the attack. 

Work with a personal injury lawyer to boost your compensation

Dog bite cases are complex, mainly because you lack knowledge about laws and regulations. The insurance company can easily deny your claim if you cannot prove the owner holds fault. An experienced personal injury lawyer had handled hundreds of cases, and they can assist you during the process to ensue you get fair compensation for your stress and injuries. It costs nothing to reach a local legal expert and ask if they can support you in the process.