Purpose of AIPPI
The purpose of AIPPI is to improve and promote the protection of intellectual property both on an international and national basis. It pursues this objective by working for the development, expansion, and improvement of international and regional treaties and agreements, as well as national laws, relating to intellectual property.

AIPPI strives to act as a principal voice for the private sector on international developments in the field of intellectual property. AIPPI is invariably invited to attend diplomatic conferences and meetings of international committees of experts convened by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and other organizations. At these meetings, AIPPI is recognized as an official observer with speaking rights. Past diplomatic conferences in which AIPPI has participated include those which adopted the texts of successive revisions of the Paris Convention of 1883, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the Trademark Law Treaty, and others. The voice of the private sector has been heard, through AIPPI, on patent harmonization and revisions to the Madrid Protocol, the Berne Convention, and other such issues. Delegates of AIPPI also assist national governments. For example, in 1989, representatives of AIPPI provided guidance to the Czech and Bulgarian authorities considering proposals for new intellectual property laws. In dealing with the trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIPS), representatives of AIPPI conferred with authorities in Indonesia and Surinam. Members of AIPPI provided commentary on the drafts for the Eurasian Patent Convention.

A person joins AIPPI by joining the National Group of the country of residence or citizenship. Membership in the National Group includes membership in the AIPPI international organization. For persons residing in the US, the national group is the US National Group of AIPPI (AIPPI - US), which most recently in 2014 forged an invaluable link with the American Intellectual Property Law Association ("AIPLA"). For information about joining the AIPPI - US Division of AIPLA and a membership form, please click on JOIN AIPPI.