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The best way to describe both my career and hobbies is that I am an unapologetic lifelong learner. With the benefit of a successful intellectual property law practice (and after my fill of binging TV shows), the pandemic has prompted me to reignite my hobby in amateur radio (founding Park Cities Amateur Radio Club), begin gaining new competencies in cyber and privacy law, and indulge myself in trying to keep up with developments in space activity and space law. I’m testing for CISSP (cybersecurity) soon and next I’m aiming for CIPP (privacy)...I clearly know how to have fun! But really, I’ve simply come to embrace the idea that working hard for others isn’t work when you enjoy what you are doing - and all the better when what you doing is needed. I view LinkedIn as a networking resource - not a forum for warehousing resumes, so please feel free to direct message me if you ever have questions in these areas! What may be next? I've got a hankering for a deep dive in artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies...Stay tuned :) #onlysomanyhoursinaday